Home Business Tips – 4 Tactics For a Successful Home Based Business

When you first start out working from home, full time or part time, it can be so very easy to be distracted by all the other things there are to do around the house; hobbies, laundry, cooking or gardening to name a few. It is very important to your success that you understand that these activities are going to “call” you throughout your day. Being prepared to fight them off is half the battle.Here are four tactics that will assist you…Decide on the tasks: learn what actions you need to be taking RIGHT NOW! Or as Loral Langemeier would say “what is the fastest path to cash?” When you know that you need to be working on that new sales page or creating the new product going on Facebook and connecting with your friends is not a good idea. You may still think of it as part of your business building and it very well may be, however is RIGHT NOW the time to be doing it. Make that lists of tasks that must be completed today, work on those first.Power Hour: Having a POWER HOUR is absolutely critical to your success! One of the tactics I stress with all my clients is to find that hour in the day where YOU are the most productive. Protect that hour like a mother protects her children. When you find your power hour, set up your tasks and focus on them during that hour. You will be much more productive than you would be any other time of day. My power hour is first thing in the morning, after walking the dog. My mastermind partner Tina is much better in the evening. Either way both of us have recognized what time of the day we are most effective and we use that to our own advantage. AND you can too!Psychology: Understand why having the right mindset will help you attract new customers! When you come from the place of wanting to help others with your products and services it will show in all that you do. The words you chose when you interact with people will be from the giving perspective; letting people know how THEY will benefit. That goes a lot further than constantly pitching the latest and greatest.Accountability: Be aware of what you need to do to keep yourself on track so you can accomplish your goals. Find an accountability partner that you can connect with or report to daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. What ever works best to keep you on track. I personally have daily accountability, it was what I needed. It can be as simple as an email indicating what you have done on your business that day.You will apply these tactics differently than your neighbour or friend. That is because you are at a different place, your skill level, knowledge and abilities are all just a bit different. However everyone can benefit from implementing these four tactics.