How to Design Creative Business Cards That Bring in New Customers

Most people don’t spend enough time thinking about their business card. The majority just put their company and contact information on it. Here are a few tips that will help you design an effective card that will make you money and bring in new leads.Spend time thinking about the design. You will probably hand out more cards than brochures so take some time and get it right.Don’t waste the back side of your card. You can put a compelling offer on the back side that makes people want to do business with you. Spend time thinking about why people want to buy from you and what services your offer. Now condense that down so it fits on the back. You will probably have to spend some time on this, but the effort will be rewarded with new customers and revenue.Think about the design. Who says your card has to be two sided with square edges. Most people don’t file business cards so the only limiting element to consider is if you can carry it around. There are many options: square, die cut, or folded card.Consider a three dimensional card. The card can be designed so that selected images pop up. Another card that is very unique is an origami style card that looks like a regular business card, but has four panels. It is die cut so that you can fold the card from panel to panel and each panel has different graphics. Memory Cross has created a video that shows how this creative business card works.Consider your designer. You want someone who is creative and who is up for the challenge of helping you design the most effective card you can get. One great place to check out is 99 Designs. The cost for a business card is only $199. You will submit the information you want on the card and artists will post their designs and you pick the one you like. There are a lot of talented people who can help your design stand out.Think about the paper. This alone can make a big difference and there are many options: coated board, uncoated cover, recycled, linen or laid finish, smooth or glossy. Your printer or designer can help you select the stock that will work best for you.Your business cards are a reflection of your company so why not spend some time designing one that really stands out. Creative business cards will help you stand out from the crowd and bring in new customers.

Value and Convenience Close the Deal For Business Travelers Throughout Mexico and the Caribbean

As the Caribbean is home to a number of spacious resorts – in many cases larger than those found in American cities – the region is an excellent destination for large groups and corporate getaways. In addition to ample space for large groups, the region’s resorts offer incredible business amenities, numerous on-site conveniences and plenty of exciting ways to spend free time. Best of all, business travelers will find limitless tropical scenery surrounding the resorts, meaning inspiration or relaxation can always be found just beyond their doors.As nearly all Caribbean and Mexican resort destinations operate under a distinct annual tourism season – generally November to April – the summer and fall months feature excellent values for business travel and corporate functions. During the tourism offseason, business travelers will still find remarkably mild weather throughout much of the region, while popular sightseeing attractions and recreation destinations are often better equipped to handle large groups. Additionally, many of the region’s best resorts typically offer substantial offseason discounts, allowing corporate groups to secure rooms and meeting areas at rates similar to or even below comparable domestic destinations.Business travelers staying at the best Caribbean and Mexican resorts will have access to all of the latest technology – including flat screen TVs, digital projectors, high-speed internet and multi-use business machines for fax and copy needs. As the best resorts offer easy connectivity for slideshow presentations, speeches and film viewings, business travelers won’t have to waste time setting up for events. For conferences and large corporate gatherings, resorts can also offer fully-equipped meeting rooms with ample space and seating for all types of activities, while catering services allow guests to enjoy the combination of excellent meals and on-site convenience.As passports can be one of the biggest challenges of international business travel – especially for large groups – the Caribbean stands as an excellent destination for both American and European citizens, as passports are often not required for travel to national territories. For instance, American citizens can visit the U.S. Virgin Islands – most notably, St. Thomas – without a formal passport, just as they would U.S. mainland destinations. Additionally, St. Thomas’ resorts are known for having some of the best business facilities in the Caribbean. For instance, the island’s largest resort – The Frenchman’s Reef and Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort – boasts 15 individual meeting rooms and 60,000 square feet of event space. Business travelers can also enjoy the outdoors in open-air meeting spaces that offer excellent views of Charlotte Amalie and the adjacent harbor. The Frenchman’s Reef and Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort also boasts 479 guest rooms – meaning the resort has plenty of space for large corporate groups – while five on-site restaurants and six bars offer remarkable convenience and help business travelers maintain productivity throughout their Caribbean stay.Despite the excellent business travel facilities and values to be found throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, the region’s scenery remains the biggest draw. As the most popular destinations in the region are small communities with centrally located attractions, it is easy to take advantage of downtime during business trips. Tropical destinations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico offer guided half-day and full-day tours throughout the year that allow business travelers with tight agendas to experience many of the best sightseeing destinations. Furthermore, as many of the largest resorts in the region boast picturesque waterfront locations, it is easy for business travelers to enjoy all types of active endeavors or simply relax on the beach. For instance, business travelers can often enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, kayaking and many other water sports by making simple reservations through their resort or, in many cases, simply walking a few steps to the beach.When combining the values available to business travelers throughout Mexico and the Caribbean with endless scenery and easily accessible attractions, it is easy to see why many of the region’s top destinations have become such popular choices for conferences and corporate getaways.

Construction Industry – Work in Building Alternative Energy Projects Dries Up in 2012

Have we come to a please where we’ve brainwashed the public and all the college kids graduating of the concept that bringing alternative energy projects forward through public funding will increase jobs, save the environment, and lead us into a new era of clean energy? It seems I can’t even go a single day without reading an article, or talking to someone who has been sold on this concept of alternative energy, on how it will actually help our economy and create jobs as we make the changeover.The reality is that any viable alternative energy source would be highly disruptive to our economy, and our jobs, whereas, any of these projects that are not viable won’t work, and therefore we shouldn’t spend the money on them, as they certainly won’t produce jobs long-term or really very many jobs in the short term either, especially considering the ratio of job creation to the amount of money spent.We complain about welfare onto our citizens, and we complain about corporate welfare – but isn’t this push to develop a new energy economy by crushing the one we already have while throwing billions of dollars at it essentially the same thing – worse, it isn’t working, we should inherently know that, and yet we try to cover our losses by creating yet even bigger projects, and putting in regulations which increase the cost of energy that we already have so the new energy can compete with it. In other words, we are modifying and manipulating the free-market system to bring forth unreliable, unviable, and uneconomically feasible clean and green energy projects.There was a troubling article for those who are hoping to ride the wave of money flows for alternative energy construction projects. The article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 18, 2012 titled; “Report: Recession Cost State Green Jobs,” by David R. Bakker. It turns out that the “Core Green” economy shrank 3% with a decrease in overall green jobs since the 2008 economic crisis (between January 2009 and January 2010), same with the construction jobs in new green projects. The Green Building sector dropped four percent.It appears for all the publicity and political push, along with all the money thrown at the problem, not to mention the many big headline disasters such as Solyndra and others which have shown completely dismal performance by those who promised us they would take charge and usher in a new era of clean energy and millions of green jobs. Turns out they actually lost jobs and billions in the process of implementing their so-called utopian green program.In a perfect world and in a utopian society we would have abundant clean energy, essentially for free. Still, what we are doing is producing a vast amount of energy at a low price currently, and although we could hope for the other, all this government intervention is not producing what all these brilliant academics have promised. Of all people they should know better, but throw in a little politics, and a little mass media propaganda, and would you look what they’ve created? Nothing, and look at the cost.The other day, I met a gal whose husband’s construction business had filed bankruptcy, so he got a job on one of these massive alternative energy construction projects. It went bankrupt, now he’s still out of work, and the construction industry has yet to recover. He’s burned out on alternative energy, and well, I think we all are. I guess I have the right to say; “I told you so,” although I wish I had been mistaken in retrospect. Please consider all this and think on it.